Driver: San Fransico Officially Announced, Blows The Whole Roof Off

Although the original game was certainly a success on the PS one, additional iterations in the Driver series didn’t exactly follow suit. However, Ubisoft aim to change that with yet another new Driver title. The game has officially been revealed.

It’s called Driver: San Fransico. The game was recently teased by Ubisoft with a countdown. Now the next iteration in the much-loved franchise is back.

The demo which is being shown shows the classical dodging traffic and also features music from the original Driver. For the first time in Driver’s history, there will be “well over 100 cars” which are all licensed and can be fully damaged.

It’s a mix of first person Driving between Tanner and Jericho. The game will also feature a mode called “Shift”, allowing is your key to accessing missions. A HUGE landscape is showcased for the game’s demo. 208 miles of pure roads, baby.

The game’s multiplayer will be revolutionary according to Ubisoft and the game will be playable at E3. We’ll play it and let you know our impressions.

Driver was certainly one of the defining games during the original PlayStation era. An undercover cop tackling crime, Driver delivered an enjoyable experience through a 3D city which was always filled with high-speed chases. The sequels which followed, unfortunately for Ubisoft, Driver 2 and the Driv3r, undoubtedly came close to destroying the franchise. However, Ubisoft are to make gamers relive the original Driver days taking concepts which made the first game shine and integrate them into the first next-gen Driver title. We can’t wait.

Check out the game’s teaser trailer below: