Get Retro with Pong

Remember the days where driving a bus with painted flowers and being a raging hippie was the norm? You might also remember it was the era where video games were on the verge of a hazy, messy birth into our world. It all started with a simple ping pong paddle game simple named, Pong.

All the latest news these days involves motion sensing and HD gaming and 3D gaming and all that hi tech stuff. Isn’t it time you stepped back and soaked in some retro fun? Times back then used to be so simple…

ESRB has outed Pong for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, most likely indicating that it will be a Mini. However, we will wait for an official announcement before we start jumping to conclusions. If Pong is making an appearance at this year’s E3 convention, then PlayStation LifeStyle will be sure to bring you all the latest on everybody’s favorite retro title.