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Test Your Skills in VR Ping Pong Pro on PlayStation VR This September

Those in search of another VR game that may get you moving are in luck. Developer Reddoll S.r.l. and publisher Merge Games have announced plans to launch VR Ping Pong Pro for the PlayStation VR and PC. It’s set to launch on an unspecified date in September 2019. At present, a price has not yet been set.

The title of the game makes the overall premise pretty self explanatory. It’s a virtual reality ping pong experience. For a better look at what specifically the title has to offer, though, check out the following announcement trailer:

Some may recognize this as a follow up to VR Ping Pong, which launched in February 2017 for the PSVR. There is plenty of new content that will be packaged within the experience this time around. In total, VR Ping Pong Pro features nine new levels, a couple of which include a Japanese garden and a stadium. For those who may be interested in increasing the challenge, the game offers five difficulty levels, spanning from the easiest, Novice, to the most challenging, Pro. Players will have freedom to choose whichever one best fits their skill level. Also, you have the ability to customize your racket and ball.

There are plenty of different ways to play. Players will get to either engage in solo play with the in-game CPU or dive into one-on-one matches with Player 1 vs. Player 2. Multiplayer options are obviously a bit more extensive. Singles and tournaments will be made available with other players who span the world over. Another interesting feature for VR Ping Pong Pro includes a Tournament Mode, which houses “pyramid-style” tournaments that are ranked by difficulty levels.

[Source: Gematsu]