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Save Your Job in Stealth Game Budget Cuts, Due to Hit PlayStation VR in September

Neat Corporation’s Budget Cuts originally released in 2018 for Steam and Oculus. It won’t be long before the unique stealth title comes to the PlayStation VR, too. Budget Cuts will arrive on Sony’s VR platform in a couple of months on September 25th. Better still, Neat Corporation plans to launch Budget Cuts with the all-new Panopticon level.

An action-adventure stealth experience, Budget Cuts places players in the roll of a TransCorp employee. The protagonist performs grunt work for the mega conglomerate, filing papers and so on. However, such a role becomes redundant thanks to the advent of “cost-cutting robots.” After seeing yet another colleague dragged away to Human Resources, the player-character must fend for themselves, stealthily maneuvering through the office space to dispatch “deadly robot hunters.” The character’s weapon of choice, letter openers, should make disabling foes that much easier.

A PlayStation Blog post from Game Designer Olle Axelsson notes Budget Cuts is replete with content. The main story campaign boasts hours of gameplay that will see players explore offices, mail rooms, and factories. Puzzles, stealth and action mechanics, a boss fight, and a variety of collectibles should make the overall package worthwhile.

In designing the new Panopticon level, Neat Corporation emphasized the “importance of choice.” As such, players have a clear goal ahead of them–entering a circular green room in the map’s center. Players can either navigate the path with brute force or take on a more stealthy approach. Of course, the Panopticon name guarantees the primary goal always sits center-stage, informing the level’s “radial layout.”

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