Twisted Metal Confirmed For PS3

David Jaffe has been busy developing the first retail PlayStation 3 game from his studio, Eat Sleep Play. For months, gamers have believed the game is the highly anticipated Twisted Metal reboot. However, the God of War creator had constantly stated it’s not Twisted Metal. Looks like he was only teasing us for the megaton surprise which Sony has just revealed. Twisted Metal is bringing back ‘Sweet Tooth’ onto the PlayStation 3.

Twisted Metal has finally been announced for the PlayStation 3. Jaffe, who said he would not be at E3, announced the game, which is set for 2011, with 16 player online death matches – he was brought on behind a Sweet Tooth driven Ice Cream Truck. Flight will be added to the series for the first time, and it will have four-player splitscreen support. The game will also be developed by the key members of the original creative team.

An online mode that has been announced is ‘Twisted Metal: Nuke’, where you must destroy the other team’s statue. Twisted Metal will be playable at E3 and you can bet we’ll be playing the hell out of it – we’ll post impressions once we get a good taste of the game.

Check out the game’s first official screenshots below: