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Driver’s ‘triple-A’ Status Wanted Back by Ubisoft

Driver, back in the old days, was a game which rightfully held triple-A status, as told by its success during the PlayStation era. Ubisoft now wants to make their latest Driver game, Driver: San Francisco,  AAA status once again after the last game in the series turning out to be a flop.

Speaking to CVG during E3, series desigener, Brendan McNamara, stated that developers Ubisoft want to bring back that feel they had from the original Driver on the PSOne.

I obviously designed the original one so to come back and do this is a great opportunity. The other thing is obviously when Ubisoft bought reflections and the Driver franchise they wanted themselves to very much bring it back to the triple-A status the game originally had.

What we really want to do is bring it back to its roots, refocus on the driving and really bring back that feel that we had in the first game.

Driver was certainly one of the defining games during the original PlayStation era. An undercover cop tackling crime, Driver delivered an enjoyable experience through a 3D city which was always filled with high-speed chases. The sequels which followed, Driver 2 and the Driv3r, undoubtedly came close to destroying the franchise. However, Ubisoft are to make gamers relive the original Driver days taking concepts which made the first game shine and integrate them into the first next-gen Driver title. We can’t wait.

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