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Need For Speed Nabs Porsche Exclusive

Porsche. One of the few car manufacturers remaining who have not succumbed to the leveraging power the all-mighty Gran Turismo franchise has to offer. Even with Gran Turismo 5 boasting over 1,000 cars, die-hard fans have cited the lack of the prestigious high-end luxury car manufacturer. When, earlier this year, it was confirmed Porsche would not be coming to Gran Turismo 5, car enthusiasts were wondering if Porsche was ever to come to any more video games, aside from Forza 3. According to a recent tweet by the official Criterion Games twitter feed, that will be a reality.

In a tweet posted earlier today, Criterion Games stated that Porsche will be exclusive to the Need for Speed franchise. This of course is talking specifically about the studio’s next game, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, but future NFS games may be included, although that wasn’t specified. Full tweet below:

Porsche exclusive to Need for Speed…

Should Porsche have stuck with the ‘authentic’ simulation found in racers like Gran Turismo, or is a destructible racer such as Need for Speed good enough for the luxury car manufacturer? Post your responses in the comments section below.