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Sony: Over 50 million PSN Accounts

The PlayStation Network is one of the largest gaming, movie and community services in the world, with an ever growing user base that is set to expand rapidly as the PS3 goes from strength to strength. Since the PSN’s launch back in 2006, the network has grown in features and services as new firmware updates, and a multitude of new services, have helped make the network  what it is today.

Sony has announced that the Network now has over 50 million users across the PSP and PS3, of course, this includes multiple accounts, which many people use to get demos and games from other stores, but the number is certainly impressive. With the PSN, gamers can enjoy free online multiplayer, demos, games, movies and more, and from June 29th gamers will have the option of upgrading to the PlayStation Network Plus, which will give subscribers early access to demos, betas, and the ability to rent £200 worth of games every year.