Hideo Kojima will ‘Own’ Tokyo Game Show with PS3 Exclusive

Mere hours after the biggest video game event of the year wraps up, massive rumors have begun to light up the internet switchboards concerning the next great gaming conference. Japan’s Tokyo Game Show is said to have a surprise announcement by one of the biggest names in the industry: Hideo Kojima.

Speaking with CVG, a senior US publishing source said that Kojima, the creator of the outstanding Metal Gear Solid series, will not only be at TGS, but will be delivering a massive announcement for PS3 fans everywhere.

We were told at E3 yesterday that Kojima – who made a star turn at the Los Angeles expo this week – will announce a “massive PS3 exclusive that will own the show” in Tokyo.

With E3 still so present in our minds, it’s not unheard of to wonder why Kojima did not take the opportunity to reveal this new title now, during such a highly publicized event. According to the informant, this was Kojima’s original intention, but wanted to continue to polish his demo until TGS to “ensure it’s bulletproof’.

The title will reportedly be published by Konami, a company that Kojima-san’s creations are no stranger to. Little more than these precious statements were documented.

The Tokyo Game Show is scheduled for September 16th-19th.