PlayStation Video Store Coming to Canada Very Soon

The PlayStation Video Store for Canada was announced during the Sony E3 press conference, but was not given a release date. Well, it looks like an official release date has been decided, and it is closer than many anticipated.

It looks like USA’s neighbours to the north will receive the long awaited video store on July 1st. No word yet if the store will feature all of the content the packed USA store has (which has over 20,000 TV episodes!). But, even if the content is gradually released, I am sure that all of our Canadian friends will not care, because they will be too busy enjoying their favorite HBO content.

Even though this year’s E3 convention is over, that does not mean that PlayStation LifeStyle will stop giving you what you want. Over the next few days, prepare for an onslaught of previews and hands-on impressions of your most anticipated games!