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Sony Won’t “Force” PlayStation Move on Developers

The PlayStation Move, Sony’s extremely precise motion controller, is set to release this September. At an affordable price, Sony is paving the way for a multitude of developers to develop games that either would depend on the PlayStation Move, or allow gamers the option to use the Move as their controller. However, even with the mounting wave of excitement for the new controller, a SCEE senior researcher and the EyeToy creator, warns that Sony is not going to “force” developers to implement the new controller; the decision will be entirely up to them.

Richard Marks, the famed EyeToy creator and a SCEE senior researcher, spoke recently with CVG. In the interview, Marks cites Sony’s stance on the PlayStation Move and third party games. Marks says that Sony does not want to “force Move on to a game that it doesn’t make sense for.”

“I don’t want that to happen. I love the Move but it’s not the only controller on our platform. We have a great controller already – the DualShock – and some experiences are supposed to be used with that.

“A new set of experiences that use more special input – that’s what’s good for the Move. So I think our first-party will always continue to court both controllers.”


“I do not want to see somebody just force the Move on to a game that it doesn’t make sense for.”

This certainly is comforting. Nothing is worse than seeing a game use a feature that feels rushed. Hopefully this will improve the quality of Move titles across the board. To see PlayStation LifeStyle’s impressions on the PlayStation Move, click here.