Sly Cooper Collection is a Triple Platinum Blu-Ray

The Sly Cooper series was one of the best action-stealth platforming video games on the PlayStation 2, receiving both critical and commercial success during its hey-day. Fans and gamers alike have eagerly anticipated a Sly Cooper Collection for quite a while now, and at Sony’s E3 conference it was announced that the 3 Sly Cooper titles from the PS2 era would be remastered onto one Blu-Ray disc and it will also be 3D and PlayStation Move compatible. Now, it seems that, just like the God of War: Collection, there will be multiple platinum trophies for the game.

On top of being compatible with 3D, it’s been confirmed that the Sly Cooper Collection will have 3 different platinum trophies to acquire, for each game in the set. Yeah, we know, what else can make this title any better?

Nothing, so that’s why you should check out the game’s trailer below: