BBC iPlayer Update In-bound

The BBC, famous for such British TV shows such as Eastenders and Doctor Who made their console debut by bundling their on-demand TV service BBC iPlayer with PlayStation 3’s 3.00 firmware. Thus taking a lot of market share amongst console users, and today the BBC look set to bring a better experience to PS3 users by updating the current player.

The BBC has revealed that the PS3 version of iPlayer will be updated this year. Speaking to TechRadar at the Facebook Developer Garage in London, BBC’s Simon Cross stated that the PS3 will be receiving a feature update and mentioned a ‘For You’ section which compiles shows that you may be interested in. Also a feature on the new update that was rolled out on the PC browser version was the ability to sign in with a BBC ID and share your shows with social networking sites such a Facebook and Twitter, and this has caused some head scratching for the BBC.

“We don’t know whether to integrate it with the PSN signing in process or do something new,” Cross explained.

“That the uptake as been great – with 8 per cent of those using iPlayer now using the beta. Of those, 10 percent is taking part in the social integration, which includes ‘Liking’ shows through Facebook and recommending them through Twitter.”

With BBC’s dominance on the catchup TV scene, will other broadcasters follow suit?