inFamous 2 Dev Believes PS3 SPUs Are ‘Total Monsters’

inFamous is one of the best PlayStation 3 exclusives has to offer thus far, with its impressive commercial and critical success. Now, inFamous 2 aims to mirror the success its predecessor enjoyed, and with the sequels’s developer saying the PlayStation 3 SPUs are ‘total monsters’, it wouldn’t be wrong to believe so.

Speaking with VideoGamer, Sucker Punch co-founder, Brian Fleming, said:

It’s frickin’ unbelievable how far we’ve come. It’s crazy how much we’ve been able to get out of it [the PS3]. It’s crazy how much more we’re able to do.”Is future proof the word I would use? I don’t know. The future is always coming and coming and coming. But we’re four years in and working on this and we are still getting a lot more out of it; almost five years in on working on the PS3, still getting tons more out of it.

Fleming continues to talk about the PlayStation 3’s capabilities:

The SPUs kick ass. Move your shit there! The SPUs are just total monsters. You just have to move more and more and more and more and more stuff there. We have post-processing graphics passes going on in the SPUs. We have more particle stuff, more collision and physics stuff going on in there. They’re unbelievable.

At some point everybody figures out most of the big stuff. But we’re still figuring out big stuff. There was a check-in today – I sent a mail about it – that was great. There was a big improvement in the performance of our light renderers – that was another thing we figured out, today. Bill Rockenbeck [programmer] back at the office – kudos to Bill by the way – he made a great check-in today taking advantage of some new stuff that we hadn’t figured out before.

Well, as many would agree with, I’m officially pumped for inFamous 2, and you should be too.

inFamous 2 is currently scheduled for a release in 2011.

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