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Capcom Looking Into Fans Feedback For Next Possible DMC Title

Devil May Cry fans have long been clamoring for yet another installment in the series, especially since Devil May Cry 4, the first to arrive on next gen consoles was sub-par compared to other installments in the action series. Capcom has now stated that if the developers do decide to create Devil May Cry 5, it’ll be custom-tailored to what fans want to see in the next iteration of the series.

Global head of R&D Keiji Inafune told VideoGamer:

Yes, there are a lot of fans of the Devil May Cry series,” he said. “We need to look at them, analyse what they want in a game, what they don’t want in a game, and then take that into account for if we are going to create a future title, and see if there is something we can create that is going to overcome their expectations, as well as create a title that’s going to get a lot of critical acclaim and be reviewed quite well.

We don’t just want to come at it and just say, oh it’s a popular series, let’s make a sequel. We want to say, let’s make a sequel that’s going to be custom-tailored to what the fans want, and on top of that, prove that, again, it’s a great game, it’s a fun game, it’s got lasting appeal, and it’s going to be particularly well-liked by the media as well.

To all Devil May Cry fans: What would you like to see Capcom implement in the Devil May Cry 5 if they do decide to develop the game? Share your thoughts via the comments section.