Homefront E3 Impressions

Kaos Studios and THQ are looking to hit home with many gamers out there with their upcoming Homefront title. The game takes place in America in the year of 2027, and Korea has now invaded the United States and has defeated us. The game is a first person shooter and is trying a distinct new approach to the genre, it doesn’t want to be classified as a modern combat or sci-fi shooter.

The approach that is trying to be taken in this game is a look at how normal people would act if they were suddenly thrust into combat. Not soldiers or past soldiers, just regular civilians that are suddenly required to become armed fighters. This adds to a level of realism, not only with the shooting aspect, but with the psychological aspect as well.  These civilians are fighting alongside one another trying to get the country back that they lost.

While playing through the title players will see things that they have seen in real life, these can range from a Lumber Liquidators sign to a Hooters sign. These are establishments that we see every day in our normal lives. The only twist here is that things are very twisted and battered from the takeover of the country. The main character that you play as is a simple civilian that is working his way up through the ranks of America’s hidden army.

The game gives a look at some of the things that people would have to go through if this ever actually occurred. NPC’s are having to grow everything they eat and collect water to drink. Another thing that was big for the group was of course solar panels, seeing as how this supplied power to them. You will see all of this as you first arrive at the group that is hidden from the Korean enemy.

Taking on such a large enemy is quite a challenge so they must resort to a better tactic then just run in there guns a blazing. Things such as tunnels and stealth tactics must be utilized to effectively take out the enemy. The game itself is very intense not only through the environment that it portrays, but also the non-stop action that occurs and emotional moments that happen on screen.

Homefront will be available worldwide sometime in 2011. Be sure to check out this emotionally driven first person shooter when it shoots into stores. That’s an order soldier!