New Metal Gear Solid Rising Details Slash You In Half

Metal Gear Solid Rising, the next MGS game in line after the PlayStation 3 mass hit Metal Gear Solid 4 made its bow at E3 showcasing what the ‘Lightning bolt action’ game has to offer. With mystery shrouded around where Rising will take place in the MGS timeline and how the gameplay will work. At E3 Konami showed how the game will work in a new trailer with the games main character – Raiden.

With the game due out next year, MGS fans are drooling for more information on the title. Fortunately the folks over at First Play have an interview in the latest edition where Rising director Mineshi Kimura revealed some details about the game.

  • Kimura confirmed his team were interested in Kinect and Move and have even done research into implementing both motion devices into Rising. He stopped short of actually confirming either would make the final game, though.
  • Raiden’s sword will control similarly to the system seen in MGS2. You’ll aim and angle your katana with the right stick (like Sons of Liberty), but the controls will be much more accurate and refined than the swordplay seen in the PS2 title.
  • The katana is considered a stealth weapon. And Kimura hinted you will be able to take on enemies with rockets and other weapons.
  • The story takes place between MGS2 and MGS4 and is set to explain how Raiden went from floppy haired moaner to badass ninja.
  • Snake might appear, because it takes place in the same timeframe, though the team haven’t decided whether to stick him in or not yet.
  • The story will be more accessible to make it easier for folk who’ve never played the series before.
  • The scale of the stealth will be larger and more ambitious than before, simply because Raiden has more abilities than Snake.
  • That glowy spine thingy Raiden cuts out of the cyborg at the start of the trailer isn’t actually a spine. No, it’s an intestinal battery ripped from the baddy’s stomach. Raiden will have to harvest these as their electricity powers his sword. He can also cut and harvest different organs to regain health.
  • It will not be a mindless hack ‘n slash title. The player will have to precisely cut certain weak parts of many enemies to do them in. Cutting is not limitless, either. Some bad guys will have parts that can’t be sliced and diced. So you’ll have to aim strategically.
  • The slow motion that appears near the end of the video is partially context sensitive. It will kick in during counters and certain moves, like when Raiden kicks the guard and knocks him off balance.
  • And finally Kimura gave some insight into the Lightning Bolt Action tagline. The game will be faster and more intense than previous games. Lightning is fast and intense. Ladies and gentleman, we give you your tenuous link.

With Hideo Kojima taking a hands off approach to Rising it will be interesting to see how this game turns out. For the latest MGS Rising trailer from E3 check it out below.