Hulu Coming Soon to a PSN Connected PS3 Near You

Nearly a year after Hulu decided to block their content from PS3 users, the ubiquitous “people familiar with the matter” have struck again, this time letting slip details of Hulu’s plan to officially bring their often lauded video service to PS3s across the world in probably just America.

According to Bloomberg, the two parties are pretty darn close to signing their respective dotted lines that would give the currently registered 50 million PSN users access to a paid Hulu service expected to launch within the coming months. The paid service –rumored to be Hulu Plus and cost $9.95/month– will reportedly provide account holders on-demand access to a catalog of new and old TV shows from NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, TimeWarner, and Viacom on a number of devices, including the Xbox360 and Apple’s iPad.

Despite sounding like the best damned thing since sliced bread, nothing has actually been confirmed, but sources close to the matter say Sony and Hulu could come clean with their relationship as soon as next week. We’ll keep our ears to the ground on this one and be sure to give you a heads up when you can finally cancel that cable bill that’s bleeding your wallet dry.