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Sony: Ghost of Sparta is PSP’s ‘Best-Looking’ Game

God of War I and II pushed the PlayStation 2 to the max, and on the PS3, God of War III raised the bar in every aspect of gaming, with top-notch presentation, insane levels of detail, and brutal gameplay. And now, it appears that the next God of War installment for the PSP is aiming to achieve the same result for Sony’s portable.

During an interview with Industry Gamers, Sony Worldwide Entertainment’s VP, Scott Rohde explained:

“God of War: Ghost of Sparta. That’s a really amazing looking game. I think that this late in the PSP cycle, you’re seeing the best-looking PSP game that’s been created,” he gushed. “I think it really looks great. And I think that you still can’t have that kind of epic home console experience, you know, necessarily, on the competition that you can have on the PSP with these big games like God of War: Ghost of Sparta. I don’t usually tout a single title, and say ‘It’s the best ever…’ but this really looks good.”

Based on the track record of God of War, it’s easy to believe it as well as the hype that is sure to follow as we get closer to its release.

Be on the lookout for this title to be out sometime this fall, as well as the special PSP bundle for this release.