Take Two: Bioshock 2 Wasn’t As Successful As We’d Hoped

When Take Two announced that Bioshock would be getting a sequel fans of the series cringed. With the massive success of Bioshock in recent memory it looked a daunting task for them to follow up on the game which won many game of the year awards. Bioshock 2 put you in the boots of a Big Daddy searching for his Little Sisters whilst being stalked by Big Sisters. Despite that narrative not having characters as strong as the first the game still came out good and was well received as the gameplay’s been improved on. However good is just not enough for Take Two…

Take-Two CEO Ben Feder has admitted that BioShock 2 wasn’t the smash hit it deserved to be – speaking to VentureBeat. He says “It was ultimately successful, but not hugely successful,” but continues to heap praise on the game:

“BioShock 2 is profitable for the company and is a great success. The franchise is viable and has a lasting impact on consumers,”

“The surprise factor is always going to be there,” he said. “Sometimes they work for you and sometimes they work against you. Our goal is to have them work for us. More often than not. We are in the business of creating huge franchises and launching hits.”

Despite this Take Two has had successful games from their studios such as Red Dead Redemption and Borderlands. Upcoming games include the PS3 exclusive Agent which is yet to be shown and the likes of Max Payne 3 and NBA 2K11.