PS3 Review – MAG: Interdiction

When Zipper Interactive first announced MAG it had many original SOCOM fans drooling at the thought of 256 players on one multiplayer map together. They promised to deliver a great online shooter with a huge community, and they didn’t let gamers down. MAG is one of the best shooters out on the PlayStation 3. Recently the Interdiction downloadable content was released on the PlayStation Store,making it the first DLC for MAG that has not been free. So now for the real question, is it worth the price of admission?

Here’s a quick MAG refresher if you aren’t familiar with the game: you are a soldier within the Shadow War, one of three factions must be chosen. These three factions include S.V.E.R., Valor, and Raven. Each of which have their own advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the correct faction that fits your individual playing style is important. The game itself  comes with a total of five gameplay modes, one of which being the training mode. For more information, read our full review of MAG.

Interdiction mode adds a completely new approach to the game. This mode features a total of 128 players on the map together, meaning it will be 64 vs. 64. While this isn’t the maximum 256 players, like in the Domination mode, it fits in well and doesn’t feel like it is too crowded on the maps it comes with. Speaking of the maps, gamers that get the downloadable pack will be treated to 3 new maps to play on. Each map offers it’s own advantages so long as you take the time to learn them. People that are new to the series need to remember that MAG is not a game that you simply run out there and take on an entire army by yourself, this is no Call of Duty. This game takes both skill and tactics, playing it as a lone wolf will get you killed.

Interdiction has a heavy focus on vehicles, and they work very well given the size of the maps. The maps themselves are built as if they are made more for transportation. Vehicles hold several people at a time, and are heavily armed as well. So if you are the one that is not driving make use of yourself and take out some enemies with some of the on-board weaponry.

The premise of the mode is very simple. First and foremost listen to the leader of your squad, it will net you extra XP when doing things that are assigned by the leader. Depending if you are considered the home squad or away squad, it will vary whether you are on the offense or the defense at the beginning of a match. Throughout the match you and your squad will be assigned to either taking over or defending various outposts throughout the maps. Various heavy artillery and vehicles are at you and your squads disposal to accomplish these various tactics.

Overall this downloadable pack is a must own for MAG fans, and definitely worth the download. For those that are just picking up the title, the pack will give them yet another great mode for the online shooter. The heavy focus on vehicular combat and artillery adds an entirely new element to the game. Be sure to check out the downloadable pack available today on the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

New maps add a heavy vehicular focus not seen in other modes

Once again as in the original retail release, teamwork is key to succeed

Exciting gameplay that will have you coming back for more

8 out of 10