Sucker Punch: ‘We Made Dumb Decisions’ With inFamous

July 5, 2010Written by Andrej Cilkov

In a recent exclusive interview with Play magazine, Sucker Punch has revealed that they had made mistakes in how inFamous was developed, but nonetheless have learned from their mistakes and even made substantial improvements with inFamous 2.

Development Director, Chirs Zimmerman has proclaimed that the studio is now cognizant with the PS3 hardware and is entirely prepared to exploit it to make inFamous 2 top-notch.

We made some really dumb decisions in the last game, but we’ve managed to fix them. It was pretty early on that we knew what we weren’t doing in inFamous that we needed to do in inFamous 2, but we had to tear a whole bunch of stuff up and put it back together. In technical terms the biggest thing that we’ve done is migrate a much larger part of our code to run on the SPUs. The PS3 has this elaborate architecture where there’s a whole bunch of different places you can have your code run and we had it all running in the slow part.

inFamous 2 is scheduled for release in 2011