PSOne Classics Revisited: Final Fantasy Tactics

Every week when the PlayStation Store updates we always take a gander at what, if any, new PSOne classic that have been added.  Being a so-called “old-school gamer”, I’m always on the lookout for any favorites from my past.  Not only are these ‘classics’ a hell of a deal, but many of them are extremely rare to actually find in disc form.  So with all that in mind, this new feature will revisit PSOne Classics that have been re-released on the PlayStation Network.

Final Fantasy Tactics was originally released in Japan on June 20, 1997 and then brought to North America January 28, 1998.  The game was met with much critical acclaim upon its release and developed a cult following. To this day, many people will tell you that FF Tactics is hands down the best strategy-RPG to ever be released and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a valid argument, especially back around the time when it first released.  The game has spawned a sequel on the DS in Tactics Advance and was re-released and updated on the PSP with Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions.

Tactics takes place in the fictional world of Ivalice where Ramza Beoulve, a military cadet from a noble family finds himself caught in the middle of a conflict known as The Lion War.  While two noble factions are fighting for the throne, Ramza and his comrades discover that not everything is as it seems.  Through your journey you will learn of just how crooked things have become behind the scenes of this war.

The gameplay in FF: Tactics is something most of us should be pretty familiar with, especially if you’ve ever played a strategy RPG.  Characters are moved around the battlefield on a map composed of square titles.  Each unit’s movements and attacks are based on their specific job and aptitude. There is a job system in the game that comprises of 20 different jobs, each with their own unique set of skills.  You will find the traditional Archer and Priest or the less known Calculator or Mime. JP (Job Points) will be gained during battle and you can use these to level up your story characters or hired guns just the way you want them.

This was an amazing game when it released for the PSOne and it is still an amazing game 12 years after its initial release. The strong gameplay and the amount of customization in your party are still there and they can still draw you in for long gaming sessions.  I put countless amount of hours into leveling up each character and trying to max my party out, especially after I found Cloud during the game. If you have yet to play this game or haven’t been able to purchase a physical copy, it is a steal at $10 on the PlayStation Store.