New PS3 SKU’s Hitting Japan

July 7, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Japan is all set to receive two new PS3 SKU’s both with bigger HD’s and a new color.

The two new slims will be released on July 29th, one with a 160GB HD and retailing at  ¥29,980 ($342), and the other 320GB retailing at  ¥34,980 ($399). At the moment Japan only has the 120GB which retails the same as the upcoming 160GB. Both versions will come in black, but only the 160GB will come in white and be packed along side a white DS3.

There will also be a new bundle offered containing a Tivo-style Torne TV recorder and a 160GB black system for ¥36,980 ($421).

Sony has also adopted an “Open Pricing” policy on all the current 120GB. This means it is up to retailers on how these current models will be priced.

Unfortunately Japan seems to be the only market receiving these as there is no information given that this will be making its way Stateside or for the European market. So if this is something you want to add to your gaming collection, you better keep an eye on Play-Asia, as they’ll likely be allowing pre-orders for it in the coming days leading up to its release.