Call of Duty: Black Ops and Our Secret Intel

July 8, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Any news about Call of Duty: Black Ops have been handled almost as a secret operation itself.  Even after PlayStation LifeStyle was able to get some hands on-time with a demo at E3, it only brought about more questions and speculation.  Indeed, the secrets of this game are really living up to its title: like a black op.

We’re sure many of you have been eagerly anticipating this amazing looking shooter, and we are doing our best to bring you news from the front lines of the battlefield.  And even though the developers are very tight-lipped about the development of this next Call of Duty title, here is what we do know:

  • The environment will have limited destructibility.  While there will be plenty of things for you to explode and destroy, most of the environment itself will withstand your path of violence.
  • If you recall the helicopter scenes from the previous Call Duties, you’ll recall that your journey in the air was already pre-planned as it only took you from point A to point B.  This time around, Black Ops will cut the leash from you and allow you to control where you wish to travel and bring judgment.
  • The storyline in Black Ops will cover A LOT of ground – we’re talking about a span of a few decades.  The story will also reach out to the ends of the earth.  So remember to keep your bags packed at all times, as you will be traveling frequently.
  • If you’re ever in a tight spot and low on ammo, don’t get your hopes down.  You will be able to call in chopper support to put your fears and your enemies to rest.
  • Should you ever get overtaken by your enemies, you can’t blame a laggy frame rate, as the game seems to be locked in at a solid 60fps.  So yeah, you might need to hit the training course again.
  • Co-Operative game play can be done on-line and off-line.  Get ready to throw stale popcorn and jeer at your buddies.
  • And last but not least, ZOMBIES.  The guys behind the game have been giving everyone a canned “No comment” response when asked if the zombie mode will make a return.  But based on all the interviews we’ve seen and heard, Treyarch has mentioned that their first priority will be to meet the needs of the fans.  And so far, we the know the fans can’t get enough of mutilating the undead, and neither can we.

COD: Black Ops really looks like it’s shaping up to be one heck of a game.  As we learn more secrets of this op, we’ll be sure to bring it to you.  Start getting pumped for this Call of Duty release as it sabotages your local retailers this November.