Level 5 Hinting at North American Releases

July 8, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

Level 5 has a lot of games currently in development for the PS3 in their native country of Japan and it looks like a few of these could be making their way stateside in the near future, though we really have no idea just how near that future could be. White Knight Chronicles 2 is almost certain to be making a stateside release and from the sound of things so will the popular Inazuma Eleven series and the newly announced Ni no Kumi.

In a recent interview with NintendoPower, President of Level -5 Akihiro Hino stated that non-layton series would be making their way stateside, specifically the soccer series Inazuma Eleven and Ni no Kumi. While Hino does not go into any details concerning release dates and windows for these games in the west, he does say:

“I don’t think it will that be long before you’re able to play these games.”

For those who don’t know, Ni no Kumi was just announced for the PS3 in Japan and features a collaboration between Level -5 and Studio Ghibli that is already creating a fair amount of buzz. Hopefully we will see these games over here in the states sooner rather than later but just getting them at all will be a huge bonus.