Gran Turismo 5 Online Multiplayer Details Emerge

One of, if not the most anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive is speeding towards its November release date. The racers’ multiplayer will play a key role in the game and now some new details regarding the online features in Gran Turismo 5 has been revealed.

The following details have been revealed via PlayStation The Official Magazine:

My Lounge is GT5’s hub from which you’ll access all of GT5’s new online features. Hit the Community tab and you’ll pull up a bulletin board filled with your latest stats and your recent mail from friends and other players.

You can browse through your friends’ bulletin boards and check their progress on and offline, and sent out mail and challenges. My Lounge supports voice chat for up to 32 players and lets you host 16-player online races or spectate on races in progress, as well as watch the GT-TV VOD service and race replays.

Now this is just some basic information, but it does show that they have learned a lot from the rather lack luster online offering that was in Gran Turismo: Prologue. We will surely see more information in the upcoming months as we get closer and closer to its November release.