Borderlands: GoTY Edition On the Horizon

If you have been holding off on adding Borderlands to your FPS collection, then perhaps your wait will be over soon.  Gearbox’s RPG shooter looks like it might be making a return with a special edition that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Gamestop’s online store may have unwittingly spilled the beans of a new edition of Borderlands.  A listing of a particular strategy guide was recently spotted, not just for Borderlands, but a Borderlands GoTY Edition.  While the listing had no further details, we can suspect that the GoTY edition could be packed with the three DLC content that have already been released.  Based on the ad, the strategy guide was listed for a September 7th release date, which would more than likely coincide with the release date of the GoTY edition for Borderlands.

Shortly after the strategy guide ad was spotted by multiple viewers, Gamespot had quietly removed the listing.  Some others have tried contacting Gearbox for confirmation to which they replied “No comment.”