Stacking Up LEGO Call of Duty

July 12, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Just like most of you, we at PSLS are fans of Traveller’s Tales LEGO games. From the first LEGO Star Wars release to the most recent Harry Potter we love them all. Well if a recent Tweet is to be believed we may be seeing the LEGO world going into a more serious direction.

Josh Olin, the Community Manager at Treyarch, recently tweeted the following;

LEGO Call of Duty? It could work…

Now this is far from a conformation of where the LEGO series is heading, but it does bring up some interesting ideas on what kind of games we could possibly see in the future.

So would you be interested in seeing a LEGO Call of Duty? What other gaming franchise would you like to see get the LEGO treatment?