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Hulst: Killzone 3 Helgast similar to Nazi Mentality

July 13, 2010Written by Andrej Cilkov

With a pro-human military, industry and corruption controlling the planets politics, many impoverished Helghans began to blame Humanity and the ISA scum for the hardship they have endured and eventually started the first Helghan war. After several years of war, the Helghast were eventually defeated and left as a broken nation. Scolar Visari eventually emerged and took over as the leader of the Helghast and declared himself “Emperor Of The Helghast”. He began ethnic cleansing programs throughout the Helghan system in an effort to wipe out any human sympathizers. He also began to rebuild the Helghast Army.

For those that studied history, this should easily remind you of the infamous Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Despite the fact that the Helghast reflect so many of the Nazi’s methods and traits, Herman Hulst game director of Guerilla Games has given these mortiferous antagonists more “Humane” attributes. Herman told Gamepro:

They possess a mentality that’s similar to how the Nazis viewed those not part of the Aryan bloodline. Helghast look down on humans as weak, lying, and spineless. Although the Helghast are physically still human, they consider themselves superior to the human race in terms of society and culture,

Furthermore Herman mentioned that the Helghast see themselves as the “victims” in Killzone 3 – and that this “evil side” is not what it may have appeared to be.

In Killzone 3, we show that even the Helghast have some humanity left in them. We’re weaving a story that has more shades of grey than the trite representation of ‘good vs. evil’… We explore the notion that even honourable soldiers have to make debatable decisions at times for the greater good — or simply for their own survival.

This last quote has caused me to speculate into what it could actually mean, could we see the death of a hero from the ISA or will the Helghans revolt against the Helghast regime? Let us know what you think this could mean in the comment section below.

Killzone 3 will support both 3D functionality and will implement the PlayStation Move into the game. The Killzone 3 is enlisted for release in February 2011.