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Report: Killzone Developer Guerrilla Games Releases Possible Teaser Ahead of E3

Killzone developer Guerrilla Games‘ official Facebook page posted the image above, possibly teasing its rumored new IP, Horizon. For those who aren’t aware, the above image is from Killzone Shadow Fall, but is reportedly a secret message. It does make you wonder why Guerrilla posted an old photo depicting a horizon ahead of E3!

Those who’ve been following Guerrilla Games will remember the developer revealing last year that it was working on a new IP. Speaking to Eurogamer in May 2014, Poria Torkan said that people would “kill” him if he said anything about it. We were also told not to expect the game at last year’s E3. 

Guerrilla Games’ managing director, Hermen Hulst, tweeted a few days ago that he had booked his flights to Los Angeles for E3 2015 so here’s hoping that we’ll see something soon, but nothing is confirmed yet. 

We’ll update our readers when more details become available. In the meanwhile, enjoy gawking at the image and do stay tuned for our coverage of E3.

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