Geohot Retiring, PS3 Will Remain Unhackable

George Hotz has caused quite the stir in the gaming industry, especially in Sony’s world.  This boy genius had attempted to achieve what so many top Sony executives claimed couldn’t be done, and in his efforts, got the OtherOS option removed from PlayStation 3 consoles across the world.  Many of you may know him has Geohot.  And now, we all will know him as retired.

Hacker genius Geohot turned the world of Sony upside down when he publicly announced that the PS3 had officially and successfully been hacked by him.  It caught Sony completely off-guard, but once they received word about it, an update to the PS3 was quickly released and killed the chance of anyone being able to use the exploit discovered by Geohot.  Hotz had promised that he would find a way to get around the PS3 patch and come out with a custom firmware to unlock the PS3 for everyone.  However, months after his announcement, Hotz came back onto the scene with a surprise announce of his retirement from hacking via a twitter post:

“It was a cool ride, and I learned a lot. Maybe I’ll do in the next few days, a formal goodbye.”

If he actually hangs up his hacking cap, it appears that the Sony executives can breathe a sigh of relief, as the PS3 will again, remain unhackable (for the time being).

Geohot hot went on to reminisce how he started his hacking career by cracking the iPhone.    He said it was just for fun and from pure boredom.  And that makes me sad – when I’m bored, I eat.