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Firmware 3.21 Now Live; Goodbye Other OS

Say goodbye to the “other OS” option featured in original “fat” PS3s as firmware 3.21 is now live. PS3 firmware updates normally bring new features, but this time around it’s removing a feature.

The ability to install another OS is a feature that was unique to the PS3. Keyword being was. You once were able to install Linux onto your PS3 to use it as a super computer.

Thanks to Geohot, the hacker responsible for first cracking the iPhone and now the PS3, this option has been removed. Geohot aka George Hotz found an exploit in the PS3’s “Other OS” feature which prompted Sony to remove the feature.

This is yet another case of hackers and pirates ruining the fun for others who legitimately wanted to use another OS on their PS3.

Fire up your PS3 right now to download the mandatory firmware 3.21 update.