Gran Turismo 5 Gets More Realistic

Fans of the long running sim racer, Gran Turismo, have long been waiting for the series to offer damage. With Gran Turismo 5 on the horizon new details of the realistic damage system have been released.

The Gran Turismo official site has revealed information on three different damage types that we will see, as well as which models will be showing the damage.

Physics is damage. Damage to affect the physical simulation and alignment deviation. The damage may affect the operation, which stopped running straight, and is not stable in the corner to express a variety of symptoms depending on the amount of damage. On all models.

Scratch dent in the dirt and visually recognizable damage or scratches and dirt adhere to the body, then get depressed sometimes. On all models.

Deformation displacement of the panel body get depressed sometimes, but shifted to form a body panel, and other damage that warped. Only affect the premium car.

Even though there isn’t a ton of info there it is very nice to hear that damage will finally be included and its not just cosmetic, but also physical damage that will cause the cars to handle poorly.

Look for more info as the November 2nd release date gets closer.