Tomb Raider Dev: Uncharted is ‘Phenomenal’, ‘Groundbreaking’

July 18, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Even though it’s nearing a year since Uncharted 2 released onto the PS3, the developers at Naughty Dog and the game itself continue to receive praise from various developers in the gaming industry.  With the quality that we’ve seen from Uncharted, we certainly don’t blame these developers for offering the kind words toward Naughty Dog. Now, the compliments are coming from a team that has worked on the series that ushered in the tomb raiding styled adventure that Uncharted is best known for.

The guys behind the development of the next Tomb Raider installment lauded the standards that Uncharted brought to the platforming genre.  When EuroGamer asked how Uncharted 2 made Crystal Dynamics brand director, Karl Stewart feel, he replied:

“Awesome. Uncharted is a phenomenal game. Full credit to the development team for the time and energy they put into it. “

“Uncharted, of course, was a game that broke new ground. We will continue to look at that level of detail and that quality of game, irrespective of whether it’s Uncharted or a game that’s due to come out in six months. It won a number of tremendous awards and it broke new ground. Everybody, not just Crystal, would have to stand up and take note.”

Since the mechanics of Tomb Raider and Uncharted are very similar with their platforming elements, as well as the game’s atmosphere and setting, it’s great to know that Crystal Dynamics will be aiming for the extremely high bar that Uncharted set, when piecing the next Tomb Raider together.  If all goes well, will we finally see a platformer title that can give Uncharted a run for it’s money?