Twisted Metal Almost Brought the World to Ruin

July 18, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

David Jaffe and his team at Eat Sleep Play recently dropped the bomb with one of this year’s biggest surprises, Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3. It has been known for years now that the team has been working on something behind the curtain, but the secret was held tightly until the official announcement. However, that doesn’t mean that the team has been working on the same game since the beginning of their current development cycle.

One of David Jaffe’s latest blog posts has revealed that the current format for the upcoming Twisted Metal isn’t based on the original design. According to Jaffe, about two years ago the game concept was based in an apocalyptic world, but not everyone was in agreement for the setting. Jaffe’s blog post states:

“There was a time- 2 years ago about- that the new PS3 Twisted Metal was going to be set in an apocalyptic wasteland. Co-Director Scott Campbell was not in favor as he doesn’t dig the whole post apocalypse vibe. So we nixed it.”

Twisted Metal’s upcoming PS3 iteration is set in a similar setting to the original two games with it’s dark, modern setting. Many have asked why the psychotic setting of Twisted Metal: Black was done away with, and in reply the team has stated that they’re aiming for a Teen rating to supplement a larger audience. Moreover, it’s interesting to think about what could’ve been with an apocalyptic environment, and thankfully according to the same blog post, Eat Sleep Play will be showing some throwaway content from Twisted Metal: Apocalypse this Friday at San Diego Comic Con.