Twisted Metal Drives for a ‘T’ Rating

David Jaffe delivered arguably the biggest surprise at E3 2010 with the official unveil of the PS3 exclusive Twisted Metal. Jaffe and his team have been hard at work on the title for years now, and according to his blog, he has struggled to find the perfect balance for the car combat formula. However, he is set on several details regarding the game including the ESRB rating that the team will be pushing for.

During our talks with Sony staff at E3 we learned that they are driving for an ESRB rating of ‘T’ in the United States. On Twitter, David Jaffe has since clarified why the team is driving for a lower rating than the previous installment of the series:

The stories are twisted for sure. But if BLACK= M rated, I really want a T. T=more peeps online and casting our net wider.

Jaffe then followed up with the following:

TMBLACK was the best reviewed but WORST selling TM game ever. We think the M was a major reason for that.

Twisted Metal Black is considered one of the most polished and memorable titles of the franchise, but the story was dark and disturbing. With a drive for a T rating, Jaffe’s team will have to strike a balance between “twisted” storytelling without pushing the limits of violence and imagery. As stated by Jaffe himself, the lower rating should pave the way for a larger and broader audience as well as allowing for more people to enjoy the game.