F1 2010 Will Not Offer a Test Drive

July 19, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

For those waiting for a demo for Codemasters racer, F1 2010, your wait, unfortunately, will not be rewarded.

Codemasters Community Manager, Ian Webster, confirmed a demo would not be coming to any console before the game is released:

“Due to the nature of the game, and its layers of licensed content, it will not be possible to make a cut-down, limited content sample that would serve as a demo for F1 in 2010 within our production deadlines.”

Now even though a demo would of been nice, most gamers would agree getting a game out on release date is much more appealing. So the fact they are not releasing one simply so they can hit there release date should help fans cope with the loss.

Look for the full game release this September.