Crysis 2 To Feature the Most Intelligent AI Ever Seen

July 20, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Crytek has gained a reputation over the past few months for being outspoken. With claims such as proclaiming that the 3D in Crysis 2 is better than Killzone 2, Crytek has a lot to prove with the upcoming FPS Crysis 2, and even more now that the company has claimed that the title features the best AI ever seen.

While speaking to Crytek boss Cervat Yerli, Yerli declared confidently that his upcoming game, Crysis 2, will feature the best artificial intelligence ever seen in a videogame. While talking to CVG, Carvat Yerli said:

“We have the most advanced AI system in a game,” Yerli told CVG. “We think that Crysis 2 has the most advanced AI for both humans and aliens you’ve ever seen.”

Crytek has once again shown us that Crysis is a game we should be keeping our eyes on. The few bits of gameplay shown thus far has been technically impressive as with the first title in the series which was exclusive to the PC. With a release window of Holiday Season 2010, we’ll have to wait a few more game-filled months before we see what all the talk is about.