Silent Hill 2 Remake

Silent Hill 2 Remake Will Feature a ‘Special’ Origin Story for Pyramid Head (Update)


Konami claims the listing contained an error. It has since been updated.

Original story:

Silent Hill 2 remake‘s pre-order listings briefly went live on a number of websites, one of which revealed that the game will feature a “special” origin story for Pyramid Head. The listing in question was spotted on Best Buy’s website.

Silent Hill 2 remake will feature new, original content

Bloober Team‘s take on Silent Hill 2 will feature new, original content. According to a previously leaked presentation by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the remake includes two “new, never seen before endings” alongside redesigned puzzles as well as revised AI and animations.

“Fan favorite character Pyramid Head makes a return along with a special origin story for fans to play through,” the pre-order listing reads, as spotted by a ResetEra user. “Enjoy the experience of playing through a seminal horror game, all with modern graphics exclusively on your PlayStation 5.” Prior Silent Hill series writer Sam Barlow expressed his reservations about the remake, stating that it’s a difficult task to accomplish without upsetting fans.

With pre-order listings popping up, fans are hoping to get some news about Silent Hill 2 before the end of the year. Rumor has it that the game will be released in the first quarter of 2024, but take that with a grain of salt.