Silent Hill 2 Remake trailer

Silent Hill 2 Remake Dev Unhappy With State of Play Trailer

Silent Hill 2 Remake developer Bloober Team has expressed its dissatisfaction with the game’s recent PlayStation State of Play trailer. After a brief haitus, the game reappeared in late January with a new trailer but no release date. However, it’s the trailer that worried fans more than the lack of a release date.

Silent Hill 2 Remake’s trailer was Konami’s responsibility, says Bloober Team

Fans expressed concerns about the trailer, which focused on combat. Many felt that what they saw was more of an action-focused game that didn’t resemble Silent Hill. Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno says that he, too, wasn’t impressed by what was showcased because it “does not reflect the spirit of the game.”

Babieno made his comments during an interview with, as reported by The video has since been made private, for some reason, but not before Babieno’s statements made rounds online.

“We [Bloober Team] are not responsible for marketing,” Babieno reiterated. “Our partner [Konami] is entirely responsible for this. This is neither the spirit of what once was nor the spirit of what we are creating now.” Babieno expressed confidence that when fans see some “real gameplay, a real game,” they’ll have a different opinion.