Silent Hill 2 remake changes

Silent Hill 2’s Original Devs Wanted Bloober Team to Make More Drastic Changes

Konami’s Motoi Okamoto has revealed that Silent Hill 2‘s original developers wanted Bloober Team to make more drastic changes in the remake, but the latter pushed back. Okamoto — who joined Konami in 2019 to serve as the series producer — said that despite both dev teams clashing, the remake is “highly respectful” of the 2001 release.

Why Silent Hill 2’s original devs wanted more changes in the remake

Speaking to Famitsu (thanks, Automaton), Okamoto said that Japanese staff — including art director Masahiro Ito and sound designer Akira Yamaoka — pushed for changes because devs often “don’t want to make the same thing they created again.” Okamoto didn’t reveal what changes the original devs specifically wanted, but did say that they ultimately met Bloober Team in the middle.

“In the end we managed to get it right,” Okamoto said, adding that Bloober Team are fans of the original and wanted to preserve the vision as much as possible. “I think there were a lot of parts that they [Japanese devs] wanted to change drastically in the remake,” Okamoto continued. “Thanks to the opinions of Bloober Team, who are also big fans of the original, the remake was highly respectful of the original.”

Silent Hill 2 remake will release on October 8, 2024 for the PS5 and PC.