Hardcore Titles and Move Are Becoming a Trend Due to Hardware

Sony impressed many consumers during E3 with the company’s strong upcoming line-up of both casual and hardcore titles. While many have the notion that motion controls are for the casuals who delve into gaming very little, Sony stunned many with impressive execution of SOCOM 4, and even an announcement of Killzone 3’s support. Hardcore titles becoming supported by Move is now a trend, and there might be a different explanation for this than most people think.

While talking with NowGamer in a recent video interview, Richard Marks from SCEA explained how the Move has managed to succeed with big developers. Marks stated the following while discussing the Move and it’s advantages versus the competition:

“…we want our core games to use Move – a game like Killzone 3 is taxing the PS3 pretty heavily. If we use too much of the CPU or memory of the PS3, they’d never be able to use Move.”

Richard Marks went on to add:

“We just use a fraction, so a game like Killzone 3 can use Move support without compromising.”

While many have believed that the controller itself is the reason behind Move’s wide-range of gaming capability, the hardware structure is definitely something to take into consideration. With graphics moving toward a point of realism with games like Uncharted 2 and God of War III, the ability to sustain such visuals with both 3D and Move support can only be done with a powerful system and a controller that’s light on the processor. This is another scenario where Sony’s expensive high-quality console hardware is paying off in the long-run. Going into the future, both Sony and Move have the upper hand when it comes to both potential and resources in the motion controller battle.