inFamous 2’s “New” Cole Design Gets Electrocuted

July 24, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

One of the most shockingly-good reveals so far this year has been Sucker Punch’s anticipated inFamous 2 announcement. Influenced by Naughty Dog, the game is looking like a work of art in progress, but many gamers have been complaining about Cole MacGrath’s new look. Thankfully, the developers aren’t only great at making games, but are also great listeners.

Over at Comic Con, Sucker Punch devs have been showing off one of the most anticipated 2011 releases, inFamous 2. As reported by IGN, the development team for inFamous 2 have apparently been listening to fan feedback — Cole MacGrath has been changed to look more like the inFamous Cole instead of “pretty boy Cole”.

It’s good to see a videogame studio listen to fan feedback so early in a game’s development cycle. While the original Cole hasn’t been as iconic as the classic superheroes like Batman and Spider-Man, his “every man” look was part of what made him so original. Perhaps the new look will give Cole more of an identity this time around around and make him one of the premier mascots for the PlayStation brand.