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Latest GOW: Ghost of Sparta Footage Screams Gore

Sony is once again bringing one of its flagship franchises back to the PlayStation Portable. God of War: Ghost of Sparta is easily the best SCE’s portable device will have to offer and will move countless units for the company. Ready at Dawn, the studio behind God of War: Chains of Olympus, has showcased new footage – as stated – showing Kratos in all his glory.

The new footage, which made its debut on GTTV, shows Kratos battling King Midas, hence the video’s name, Midas Moment. Check out the brutal footage below:

[viddler id=4ca2fda2&w=437&h=287]

Ghost of Sparta – due to release later this year – will feature a brand-new story aptly set between the original God of War and God of War II. It will tell the story of Kratos, as he gains the Greek god of war title after killing the Ares. Over the course of the PSP game, several pieces of Kratos’ backstory will be unveiled, such as how his tattoo and scars came about. We can’t wait.