Insomniac Hinting at PAX Game Announcement

July 26, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Insomniac Games is well-known around the world for the PlayStation heritage that the company stems from. Although the developers at Insomniac recently announced that they’re breaking ties off of PlayStation exclusivity, their contributions with Spyro, Ratchet & Clank and more have had a huge impact on the platform to say the least. Thankfully, judging by the latest comments, Insomniac employees look ready to reveal the next addition to their remarkable game record.

Insomniac Games currently has a multiplatform title in development which is on the verge of being announced. When asked about whether or not the team from Insomniac will be at PAX , Insomniac replied via Twitter stating:

yes – we have very exciting plans for PAX we are going to announce soon!

Later, Insomniac posted the following in regards to the unannounced title:

Sounds like the other IG (Irrational Games) is revealing their next game in August 11th… Makes us want to get in on the fun!

It’s all but confirmed now that not only will Insomniac Games be at PAX 2010 but the unannounced title will be revealed in the time leading up to the convention at the beginning of September. Insomniac has a great track record of memorable titles, so this is a great opportunity for the team to add yet another exciting title to the 2011 calendar year. Maybe it’s a multiplatform Resistance 3 title? Or perhaps even a new IP? Whatever the case, we should know within the next month, and hopefully the announcement will be made with an awesome trailer to drool over.

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