NBA Jam Slam Dunking its Way onto the PS3 [Update]

NBA Jam’s inhumanely over the top, 3-on-3 arcade styled basketball made it a fan favorite back in the early 90s. To this day it remains a video game icon, so much so, that it was announced earlier this year that NBA Jam would be setting the Wii “on fire”.  Although it has only been announced for the Wii a recent ESRB rating begs to differ…

A listing on ESRB insinuates that NBA Jam will be coming to both the PS3 and 360. Boom-shaka-laka!:


Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Rating: Everyone

Content descriptors: No Descriptors

Rating summary:

This is an arcade-style basketball game in which players can select teams from the official NBA roster to compete in 2-on-2 games of basketball. Players can perform exaggerated slam dunks, shatter backboards, and try to conquer a series of unique “JAM Challenges.”

Since NBA Jam still has not been announced this will stay as a rumor, but hopefully we will hear something soon.

[Update] The ESRB has removed the listing for NBA Jam for the PS3 and 360, so either this was a mistake or someone jumped the gun. Either way we will keep in eye on this to see if anything changes.