DJ Hero May Have Helped The Audio Industry

DJ Hero has slowly but surely risen to become a commercial success for Activision. It also appears to have had a positive effect on the actual audio industry as well.

In speaking with CVG, Creative Director for DJ Hero 2 Jamie Jackson stated an unconfirmed rumor that DJ equipment sales have been on the upswing at places such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart when DJ Hero was placed in the same department:

“They had a strategy where the music games were situated near their music area. I thought it was quite a cool way of doing things, but I think it works differently for each market…One thing that I’ve learnt is that the American market is vastly different to the UK and European market”

So whether or not the same is true in other countries, in the US at least DJ Hero has spurred more sales of DJing equipment. So while actual musicians may look down on those simply playing music games, it may very well be those same music games that are spurring growth within the industry.