Sony Plays Role of Puppet Master; Trademarks ‘Puppeteer’

July 29, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

One of the most clear advantages the PlayStation Move motion controller will feature over Microsoft’s Kinect and the Nintendo Wii is its ability to give you the most precise movement available on any current console, when combining the Move’s advanced motion sensors and the PlayStation Eye. It looks that Sony is going to take advantage of this and a recent trademark discovery seems to show that they’re ready to take control and become the ‘Pupper Masters’ of motion control.

The fine group of journalists over at Siliconera spotted a recent trademark by Sony Computer Europe for ‘Puppeteer’. Seeing as how a good bit of the launch titles for the PlayStation Move are being developed by SCEE and European game developers, this could very well by a potentially new future PS Move title. We can easily picture pulling the strings of a marionette using nothing but a pair of PlayStation Move controllers. Since there is no information aside from the trademark, we’re just letting our imaginations run wild here.