Sony Localizing Blockbuster Games for Latin America

July 30, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Only a year after the PlayStation brand was announced for introduction in Latin America, our Latin American friends down south have even more to “make.believe.” in the world of Sony. Video gaming brings players from all over the globe together with the help of our consoles. Besides online play, most any gamer can attest to the belief that there are some experiences that should be cherished by anyone and everyone who is able to hold a controller. However, there will always be certain barriers that prevents this goal from being achieved. Thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment America, the PlayStation 3 is getting one more step closer to detouring all roadblocks to sharing set-piece experiences worldwide.

At the Destination PlayStation Latin America event held in Cabo del Sol, Mexico, SCEA announced fully localized versions of staple blockbusters for the PS3. What this means is entire titles were reworked to fit the tastes, culture, and society of our Latin American brethren. In SCEA’s words, “actors, action, dialog, effects and every inch of gameplay” have been localized for some of the most highly regarded franchises this generation has to offer. According to senior director and general manager of the Latin American channel of PlayStation:

“Millions of Latin American fans follow PlayStation for its diverse and rich game library as well as for its superior entertainment value and experience. Our priority is for every consumer in the region to have full access to every product that PlayStation has to offer, along with full product warranty and service. In addition to same day launches of PlayStation’s entire line up of AAA games for the region, we’re also offering a number of products that are only available in Latin America, such as the Gamer Kit line. We’re listening to our consumers, and whether it’s stereoscopic 3D content, exclusive games or the new PlayStation Move experience, our fans will be very busy this year being entertained.”

So far, Killzone 3 and inFamous 2 have been confirmed for the full localization treatment but, if the new initiative sees success, we are almost certain that more titles, especially first-party titles like Ratchet & Clank Future, Resistance, and Uncharted which already are available in different languages by default from the studios, will go down the same route to Central and South America. After all, Nathan Drake’s mom jokes might not translate properly in Spanish or Portuguese.